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for People

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In these hard times we are keeping all People who have found themselves to be affected by the recent conflict in Ukraine in our hearts and minds.

As Gi Group Holding we stand for peopleand we are fully committed to support anyone in need.


How we can help You:

  • By helping refugees finding a qualified employment in their new location, outside Ukraine
  • Through our Emergency Team, that can help with basic support (transportation, accommodation, food, clothes, blankets, medicines, toietires, baby products, etc.)
  • Our contact lines are open for you for more immediate help (general information, legal advice, etc.)

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We will pass your application on through our internal line to find a match for you in the shortest time possible.

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    Other activities Gi Group Holding is promoting to help Refugees

    We have created a Global Task Force to respond to the emergency as well as an ad hoc Emergency Team in Poland to coordinate our activities on the ground, with dedicated contacts for Refugees to reach out. We are physically present at the Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian and Romanian Borders – as well as having a dedicated aid garrison in Czech Republic. We are constantly in touch with the Polish National Commission for Human Rights to ensure we have and are able to share the latest, first-hand and trustworthy information about the situation in real time. Our Emergency Team are able to provide Refugee with basic support (including transportation, accommodation, food, clothes, blankets, medicines, toiletries, baby products) and to help each and everyone who is in need to find qualified employment in their new location outside of Ukraine. Furthermore, we have secured the following concrete initiatives to support Refugees:


    • Setting up a Polish and Ukrainian speaking contact centre reachable via mobile, SMS, Viber and Whatsapp, for any information regarding transportation, accommodation, legal and Visa matters, etc., together with physical support points at the border, both in Rzeszów and in Przemysl and in each of our Polish Offices
    • Creating an Open Jobs Website in Ukrainian to connect Refugees in urgent need of employment with Companies across Central, Eastern and Western Europe

    About Gi Group Holding

    We are one of the world’s leading providers of services for the evolution of the labour market.
    Through a global staffing and recruitment business ecosystem, the Group offers a 360° suite of offerings that generate relevant, and impactful solutions to promote a sustainable, streamlined and joyful global market for candidates and companies, reflecting the ever-changing labour market needs.

    With the current situation in Ukraine, we have mobilised several activities to help People affected. Our Polish, Slovakian, Czech and Romanian branches are actively on the field to provide support to all People in need. Our worldwide companies as well as our Headquarters in Italy have been centrally mobilised to respond to the needs of People in distress.